5 Years isn't exactly a lifetime, but since 2016 the Helenvale Centre of Hope has been caring and supporting children, some 4000 children over the years, including being a source of great support and relief for their respective families. We don't have many material things to boast about, but these things don't have as much value as the quality care and support this organisation give to children attending their programs. But this is where you come in. Your committed contribution can assist the Centre in ensuring holistic support to our beneficiaries is continuing and going forward.

What skills and resources were you able to draw from the community for this project?

We have ample support from the community, high school learners do community service at our facility, we have trained volunteers and staff to help navigate children and youth.

The challenges

Low academics, youth training and development, leadership enhancements, drug and alcohol abuse, gender based violence and teenage pregnancy.

Addressing the challenges

Since our inception we've been actively involved in the Helenvale community. From holiday clubs to afterschool programmes, youth leadership seminars and trainings, learners licence classes for youth and a complete drop in centre. We have a few sucess stories: 1) One of our students at our youth leadership academy (YLA) is currently studying to become a teacher at NMU. 2) Our second student is studying in the field of Engineering 3) Our 3rd student is studying Production and Filming at AFDA Port Elizabeth. 4) We received an award for second runner up in the 3rd Annual Charlotte Maxeke Service Excellence Awards for the best Child Care and Protection Services. This event is a provincial award and is arrange by the MEC of Social Development in the EC.

The achievements

Helenvale Youth Leadership Academy has groomed some good youth leaders, majority of these students are or has been actively been involved in the community, they have passed matric and some are prefects, gead boys and girls.