Token Project

The trade Token Initiative ‘to live’ provides communities with the opportunity to trade work within their respective communities for tokens.

What skills and resources were you able to draw from the community for this project?

The assets are the people, the drive, the commitment shown by the Move One Million team, the support shown by the Gqeberha people and the acknowledgment from the community that we see this as a long term project to sustain and develop all previously disadvanted communities and informal settlements with empowerment and commitment to uplift and sustain.

The challenges

We care deeply for all our people, our objective is to see all our people unified, dignity being restored , healing taking place and the people taking back control of their respective communities to empower and become self sustainable. Over 500 000 people of all religions, cultures and races working together through random acts of kindness. Empowering people with access to knowledge and skills in order to know the difference between being controlled and the freedom to choose. Human rights and Human dignity.

Addressing the challenges

The trade Token Initiative ‘to live’ provides communities with the opportunity to trade work within their respective communities for tokens. To live and improve their living conditions improving their immediate surroundings and feeding themselves while earning their own keep. Without relying on charity and eradicating the begging culture. This action breeds self sustainability and restores dignity within these communities in one action. Upskilling in terms of food farming, creating a handyman culture and small skills development which in turn creates a responsible culture within the community. A great example is set for the children in these communities. Move 1 Million is a non political movement who wishes to bring change to our country through random acts of kindness in our poorest of poor communities by empowering and up-skilling our people to take responsibility for their living conditions at the same time restoring dignity. Our biggest aim is for these communities to be self sufficient and NOT rely on charities and the government for their basic human needs and rights. We rely on donations and sponsorships for our storehouses for Trade Day which takes place on the last weekend of every month.

The achievements

The model is that we have work projects within the community every day and on weekends for the community to take responsibility for, e.g. trash bag clean ups, planting of gardens, walking children to school for safety, volunteers for the soup kitchen, crime and safety initiatives, homework supervision for scholars, Sunday school for the kiddies, infrastructure within the communities such as building of French drains, installation of Jojo tanks etc.