Mosaic Community Developments

Mosaic Community Developments implements a sustainable orphan and vulnerable childcare-model in South Africa. We identify a family, taking care of two or more orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC). We invest in the caretaker(s) through skills development. We create sustainable jobs for parents or caretakers, taking care of OVC . We create a better future for OVC by providing access to good quality schools, after-school programs, talent development programs, emotional - and spiritual care programs and a college education. Mosaic builds a 3-bedroom brick house for the families and we provide continuous support to Mosaic families.

What skills and resources were you able to draw from the community for this project?

We do not remove OVC from their environment, we support them and their caretakers in the environment and community that they are in. Meaningful relationships are formed and fostered in their communities and these relationships are of great developmental importance to OVC. We employ individuals from within the communities where we are, to work with our beneficiaries. This creates an effective way to ensure that Mosaic programs are presented in a relevant and relatable way.

The challenges

There are 5.2 million OVC in South Africa and only 10% can be accommodated in formalised care institutions, like orphanages. 90% of OVC live with their extended families, with aunts and grandmothers, being their primary caretakers. These families are in desperate need of emotional, financial, physical and spiritual resources and support.

Addressing the challenges

Mosaic aims to address these challenges by providing these families with the necessary support through the Mosaic Model, which includes after-school programs, talent development, job creation, housing and support groups. Mosaic has grown from one family in Potchefstroom in the North- West Province, to three active sites. The OVC in our programmes are keeping up a near 100% pass rate at school and some are continuing with tertiary studies. There is still a lot of work to be done, there are 5.2 million OVC in South Africa. We need to replicate this model enough to ensure that OVC are placed in families, with enough resources so that they can reach their God-given potential.

The achievements

Mosaic has grown from one family to serving more than 300 beneficiaries, across South Africa. Mosaic is now located in three sites, one site in Potchefstroom, one site in Paarl Valley and one site in Port-Elizabeth. Four more Mosaic homes have been built this year, bringing the total number of homes built to 38. Mosaic's job creation initiatives have grown from a bakery to include a leather works and screen printing business. These businesses are providing jobs to more than 10 caretakers. We are in the process of opening a fourth Mosaic location in the Western Cape.