Wild Things Scotland

Wild Things Scotland is a Community Interest Company which exists to bring members of the community closer to their local forests, parks and green spaces. We run a wide range of groups from pre-school activity groups for adulst wth young children, to after school clubs, womens groups, adult wood working groups and holiday schemes and activities. We run many of our sessions with the help of volunteers who are passionate about bringing the putdoors to children and adults for health and well being reasons.

What skills and resources were you able to draw from the community for this project?

Volunteers, people from the older generation with skills to share with young people.

The challenges

To bring children, families and adults out of their homes and into green spaces to receive the many health benefits that nature has to offer.

Addressing the challenges

We are just starting year 3 of our project and would like to start to reach a wider audience, enlist the help of more volunteers and put on larger scale events to bring the joy of the outdoors to more people.

The achievements

Getting young children for as little as a few months old out into nature, helping parents connect, giving people new opportunities through volunteering,